**Working with BE Nutrition has been a complete game changer for me! I lost 25 lbs and cultivated steady, sustainable lifestyle habits. With a personalized program, I divorced my poor food habits, yet was still able to enjoy eating out and foods that I love. I am beyond pleased with my results and feeling better than ever before. Basheerah will not only teach you how to eat healthy, she’ll guide and motivate you to lose weight and keep it off.**
— Lauren
**Working with Basheerah, I learned that overeating is a much a mental thing as much as it is physical. Now, I don’t need to eat to the point of being overly full. I can go out with family and friends and enjoy a meal without feeling guilty about it, which is so rewarding.  I no longer care if the scale moves and my new ‘lifestyle’ doesn’t feel like a diet. I feel vibrant, healthy and confident. If you’re considering working with Basheerah, stop thinking about it and just do it.  You’ll be so happy you did.**
— Kim
**Basheerah ALWAYS addressed my needs. Sometimes I wondered how she even knew what my issue was, since it seemed as though she’s addressed it prior to me even bringing it up.  Her intuition is indescribable and she always made me feel special; that she really cared about my wellbeing. With every session I gained more confidence in my food choices and myself, and completely changed the way I think about and approach food.**
— Julie
**Basheerah helped me identify and address the source of my cravings, and gain the confidence to seek therapy to properly deal with the passing of my mother. My cravings have significantly decreased, I’m no longer eating through the night and my energy and mental clarity is off the charts now. I can’t thank her enough for giving me my life back.**
— Lisa
**Before working with Basheerah I was constantly tired and sluggish. Now I wake up energized and ready for whatever the world brings my way. I used to focus on everyone else, but my new mantra is that I’m worth being healthy and loving myself. Basheerah gave me the space to see that. She is truly a gem.**
— Valerie
**Before working with Basheerah, I already had a number of health issues, and I didn’t want my weight to further hinder me. Not only have I lost weight, but also now know how to make more mindful, healthy food choices. I can’t believe I never really asked myself if I was truly physically hungry before. I never really thought about it. One thing, among many that I’ve enjoyed most about working with her, is that I not only leave with great advice, but I always have a realistic, concrete goal that I’m working towards until our next session. I’m now able to move around easier, get in and out of a car easier and my clothes feel and look better on.  Working with Basheerah has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I think everyone needs to work with a dietitian and I take every opportunity to recommend Basheerah to my friends and family.**
— Tonya