Online instructor-led or self-guided learning programs designed for the busy professional woman. These e-courses will change your relationship with food for the better and empower you to take back control.


BLOOM with BE nutrition

BLOOM: Build daily healthy habits. live with intention. overcome obstacles. own your body. make healthy eating simple

Wellness Accountability Program

Need help making real, lasting healthy lifestyle changes?

Let’s face it, navigating change is hard, but even more so when change involves food, fitness and daily habits. How many times have you started a fitness program or committed to cooking healthier, but weren’t able to keep it going? You know what to do, but you can’t see to keep going and maintain your efforts long term. Bloom with BE Nutrition is a wellness community dedicated to helping build and sustain your healthy living goals. In the program you’ll get all the tools you need to truly thrive and improve your life from the inside out.

Here’s more of what you get in the program:

  • Weekly meal plan, including healthy, delicious meals and snacks. Every week you’ll receive meals and snacks for the entire week, laid out for you in a daily, easy to follow plan. The recipes include all eating preferences - anti-inflammatory, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean and more. ($200 value)

  • Daily photo food journaling and goals tracking. Journal your meals, snacks and beverages in an interactive online photo food journal, designed to help you stay on track and reflect and measure progress against your goals. ($100 value)  

  • Monthly healthy living topic. Every month we’ll focus on a nutrition and/or health related topic. You’ll receive videos content related to each topic, as well as supplemental handouts and information. The December/ January focus is on carbohydrates and added sugar. ($200 value)

  • Bi-weekly live interactive group video coaching with Basheerah, aka BE Nutrition. Bring your burning nutrition and/or healthy living questions and we’ll discuss them on two live coaching video calls each month. ($600 value)

  • Weekly workout plan and a FB Live group workout session. 3 workout plans will be provided each week for all fitness levels, along with a weekly Facebook live workout together. ($400 value)

  • Group support and accountability. You’ll have access to a members-only Facebook group, that includes daily support and interaction with our dynamic community to share ideas and encourage one another. You’ll also be partnered with an accountability buddy for additional support. ($100 value)

This program is designed with busy lifestyles in mind, to set you up to WIN your wellness journey. Join the program and create the balanced, happy life you deserve. This is your year to thrive, to BLOOM.

The program begins on December 28th. There’s no better time like the present to focus on your health.

This program is valued at $1600/month. However, your actual cost is only $50/month (Only $12.50/week)! FSA/HSA is accepted and you may also qualify for insurance reimbursement.

Space is limited and our low introductory price won’t last long! Don’t miss out!


Empowered Eating
Self-guided E-Course

Available early 2018!

This e-course will allow you to go at your own pace and includes all the materials you'll need from the Empowered Eating Workshop.  


Thrive Beyond The Scale
Self-guided E-Course

Available early 2018!

This 8 week program will help you prioritize self-care and nourish your mind, body and soul.

Not sure if you're ready, but still want to chat about your health goals?