BE Nutrition is a wellness company dedicated to helping women embrace a holistic lifestyle. Our mission is to empower women to understand true nourishment and look past the number on a scale as a measure of success. Every woman is unique, with her own set of nutritional, medical, and lifestyle needs. We combine proven science with mindfulness to create an individualized healthy eating pattern just for you. Our focus is not just on what you eat, but also on how and why you eat.  

Together, we look at the connection between your biology and habits that form your health and relationship with food. We empower you with the understanding of how to properly nourish your mind, body, and soul. We believe that you must prioritize your health and put yourself first, no matter how busy your life is. No excuses - you are worth your top priority. Create the life you’re meant to have by replacing neglect, shame or negativity with self-love and proper nourishment.

Feel alive. Look amazing. GO BEYOND THE SCALE.


Hi, I’m Basheerah, and I’m so glad you found BE Nutrition. I started BE Nutrition after realizing what a huge impact our thoughts have on our eating habits. Negative self-talk and emotions dictate what, when and how you eat. I understand how it feels to eat mindlessly out of habit or emotion. I’ve dealt with years of emotional eating that led to the yo-yo effect of weight gain and loss myself, so I know firsthand how difficult it can be. I also know how it feels to be tired of being sick and sick of being tired (sound familiar to you?). My true calling is to help women gain control of their health in the midst of their busy jobs and family lives. By helping women move past their emotional eating habits or neglect of self-care, I empower women to apply healthy eating principles and mindfulness in their everyday lives.

After working for over a decade in food marketing, I left a successful corporate career to obtain a Masters of Science in Nutrition and to become a Registered Dietitian. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I worked clinically in both Illinois and North Carolina, providing patients with medical nutrition therapy, diabetes education and weight management counseling. I have also trained extensively in mindfulness and mindful eating. As a health professional, I only provide guidance and information that is scientifically validated to improve health. My own experiences and health journey give me the insight and understanding of how mindfulness can help improve the lives of other women.


You can typically find me running to and from the kitchen.




BE Mindful

Being mindful, especially during mealtimes, gives you a grounded center. Mindfulness enables you to properly nourish every aspect of your life and cultivate gratitude for everyday moments.

BE Respectful of Your Mind, Body, and Soul

We teach you to discover your vitality by getting in tune with yourself. You will learn to understand your emotions, recognize your triggers, and mindfully master your choices. You will move past your harmful habits and stop looking at the numbers - your value is worth so much more than that. We focus on creating a beautiful life and not hitting a specific weight. Together, we’ll go far beyond the scale.

BE Your Own Expert

Each woman needs personalized care that is fad-free. There are no gimmicks in holistic nourishment, just sustainable results. No one else knows what you need but you. We’ll give you the tools and knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your health.

BE the Best Version of Yourself

You are worth your top priority and unconditional self-love - you absolutely deserve it. We help you prioritize your health and create a new lifestyle that helps you find your confidence and unlock your greatest potential.